How To Run A Business Completely From Your Phone

Why Run A Business From a Phone

Mobile phones have transformed the way we not only live, but how we do business as well. According to the Pew Research Center, over 95% of Americans now have mobile phones, with 77% owning smartphones.

While it’s fun to instantly chat with friends and socialize on apps like Snapchat and Facebook, savvy businesspeople are using their phones to boost business productivity. Now, thanks to the increasing processing power of smartphones and the sophistication of business mobile apps, business can be done on the go.

The Dream Phone for Doing Business Completely Mobile

Taken to its logical extreme, going mobile means that you never need an office at all, let alone a desktop or laptop computer. This brave new world promises the ability to get everything done from a simple mobile phone. True, the latest mobile devices are anything but simple. This is precisely why it’s now possible to do more than ever before on a mobile phone.

The smartphone, over the last several years, has evolved to become a dream device for running a business.

Take the latest iPhone, for example. The iPhone XS has a ridiculously fast A12 Bionic processor. The CPU is a 6-core processor that has two high performance cores, with the others providing efficiency at lower power consumption rates. With 6 billion transistors, the A12 Bionic processes 5,000,000,000,000 operations a second. This was just unthinkable for a mobile phone a few years back.   

Apple’s iPhone XS has storage of up to 512 GB, which, combined with its processing power, makes it a very powerful business device. It’s not lagging significantly what a laptop or desktop can provide.

Other device makers like Samsung are not far behind. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, now offered from Sprint and Verizon, boasts a powerful 6 GB of RAM, along with 40 hours of battery, and 12 days of stand by time. It probably performs better than some computers. If you’re looking for the benefits of a tablet, check out Samsung’s first foldable phone. Its Infinite Flex Display allows the device to function as both a tablet and phone.

You can take your pick of these devices. With the abundance of business apps for every task conceivable, it means the pieces you need to do business entirely from a phone are now in place.

Adopt a Remote Working Mindset

In case you thought running a business from a phone is only for small businesses, you need to think again. Today’s up and coming business moguls are using mobile management to run large growth companies.

For example, in his video “Running a $150 Million Dollar Business From a Phone”, media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk shows a day of running a digital agency on the road. He uses a mobile phone to do everything from communicating with his team to connecting with the rest of his business contacts. The whole thing is captured live on video so we can see how this dynamic entrepreneur manages his business.

It helps that Gary Vaynerchuk has adopted a mobile and remote mindset for those occasions when he can’t be in the office. Indeed, that is what will make this work for anyone trying it.

You need to adopt a mobile-first, and potentially a remote mindset as well, in order to make full use of the mobile platform.


Essential Apps for Team Communication

Communication is the lifeblood of business collaboration. Fortunately, a robust suite of communication apps for both Android and iPhone will help you keep in touch with your team. Here are the best picks.

Slack – Available on iPhone, Android

Slack allows you to chat one-on-one or in group chats with your team. This makes it a great option for a primary communication channel for you and the rest of your company. Plus, the app sends you mobile notifications to make sure you don’t miss team updates.

Email by Edison – Available on iPhone, Android

Email is still useful for having conversations that don’t have to be attended to in real-time. It can store important conversations and correspondence with clients or other business contacts. For email, Email by Edison works with IMAP mail servers, as well as popular mail services like Outlook or Gmail.

Google Hangouts – Available on iPhone, Android

For video chats, Google Hangouts is among the best. Google keeps its servers fast, with its Google Meet service providing even more features optimized for business use. The app integrates with Google Calendar and other Google services.

Organizing Work and Projects from Your Phone

To enhance business productivity while managing business from a phone, it’s essential to have solid team organization processes in place.

Below, we explore some of the best ways to manage projects.

Creating Management and Reporting Structures

For anything larger than a small project with flexible goals, you will need to establish proper reporting structures and other management steps. This will ensure that the project manager, which could be you or another member of the staff, has timely and detailed information to track progress.

Management structures can be as basic as a daily status call with the team in order to review the work. On larger projects, it could involve written reports and multiple meetings scheduled at recurring intervals such as weekly or bi-weekly. In between staff meetings, there could be other status calls and board meetings to address business needs.

How To Do Lists Hurt or Improve Productivity   

To do lists are a popular mechanism for outlining tasks to be completed, especially on the limited real estate of a phone screen. However, they are not always the best tool. Some projects are multi-faceted and involved non-linear goals that cannot be cleanly captured on a to do list.

The Zapier blog chimes in on the ills of to do lists, including the fact that first tasks appear more important and that only 11% of professionals routinely accomplish all their list items. To help boost your productivity on the go, project management techniques like Kanban and Inbox Zero can help.  

The Best Apps for Project Management From a Phone

The world of project management apps offers some outstanding tools for a project manager who works from a mobile phone. Not only do these apps make project management a breeze, they will also keep you in the loop with your team, giving you insight into progress on all important tasks.

Trello – Available on iPhone, Android

Trello is the tool of choice for small teams that need a simple, intuitive project management app. The app is notable for its sleek design and adoption of a Kanban-like project management workflow. You can easily track progress on tasks as team members move cards across lists in a Trello board.

BaseCamp – Available on iPhone, Android

BaseCamp is the gold standard among project management apps, thanks largely to the team behind it. The app has seen multiple overhauls over the years to make project management and collaboration even easier.  

Zoho Projects – Available on iPhone, Android

Zoho is a product built around a large CRM and enterprise resource planning system perfect for large companies. If you manage a large enterprise project and need a project tool that integrates with other software, then Zoho Projects will likely be a great fit.

Achieving Success in Mobile Working

As you can see, the world of mobile apps, and the improvement in the processing power of the devices themselves, makes working on mobile ever easier. To run a business successfully from your phone, you need to carefully select the best tools and pair them with the right processes. Finally, you need a team that has adopted a mobile or remote workflow so that all communications can be made available on apps where others can access them. It takes a little daring, but running even a larger business from your phone is now not only possible, but an appealing proposition.

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