Life Without Technology

In today’s world, we’re constantly glued to our smartphones and connected to social media. It’s highly impossible to imagine life without technology. The mere thought can make us nervous, overwhelmed and anxious all at once. Though I’m scared to imagine such an experience even for a short while, I can imagine it would be like living in a cave.

Our dependence on technology for every possible aspect of life is what makes imagining life without technology so impossible. We depend on technology for the following:

  • Education
  • Career
  • Entertainment
  • Communication
  • News
  • Political Affairs

Living without the convenience and comforts offered by this high-tech world can hamper our daily lifestyle. No wonder we can easily equate technology with food and water. Just as air, water, and food power our body, the latest technology powers our overall functioning.

Technology Today

We tend to take technology for granted. Once settled behind our laptops or computers for work with the comfort of running electricity and a smartphone by our side, we assume technology will always be present. Only when power outages cut us off from these luxuries do we realize how important technology is. Technology powers our kitchen and connects us to the world via the internet. It runs our computers and provides the luxury of a strong wireless network.

In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect if we said technology controls our daily life. From our wake-up alarm in the morning to our good-night message at night, technology is right by our side. Living with no technology can make us handicapped in more ways than we think because of the extreme extent in which we’ve incorporated it into our lives. There is no harm in using technology. Staying up to date with the world and marching on the path of progress is the need of the hour. We may not agree on our level of dependency on technology, but we can’t shut it off completely. Recognizing the thin line between utility and dependency can avoid problems. Whether we allow technology to control our life or use it to improve and be better versions of ourselves is the real thought under consideration.

Life Before Technology

When technology disturbs our day to day relationships or overall attitude towards life, it’s necessary to step back and think for a while. How was life when our great ancestors weren’t able to use technology or even think about such a thing? How was life in our childhood when we didn’t have access to all the conveniences we find today? Was it difficult or easy? Boring or fun-filled? In order to find out what life would be like today without technology, I explored these questions. I took a look back at what life was like before the rise of technology. Here’s what I discovered:

1. We Were Content

Technology makes it possible to always stay connected. It helps us perform our tasks more efficiently. Before the convenience of technology, we were content with our limited resources. We didn’t expect much and looked forward to the little joys in life. We learned to pay attention to our immediate surrounding. There wasn’t as much stress over achievements because the horizon was limited. Technology brought efficiency and connection, but it also forced some of us to fall into a continuous cycle of comparison and discontent.


2. We Were Innocent

One of the best aspects of technology is our increased connectivity. We are more exposed to the world far and wide. Before technology, access to people, information, and opportunities in a different part of the globe were limited. Though our exposure and knowledge were limited with no technology, there was also innocence in such simplicity.

3. We Didn’t Have FOMO

With social media and instant connectivity, we’re tempted to make our presence felt always – every time, everywhere. This can lead to shallow living, especially when we pay less attention to our real-life joys and become too concerned about what’s happening online. This naturally paves the way to the fear of missing out or FOMO. Before social media, we paid more attention to each moment and lived it to the fullest.

4. We Were More Resourceful

In a way, technology has definitely empowered us. It helps us accomplish tasks and achieve results. Without tools such as Word and Excel, and the convenience of email and video calls, we wouldn’t be able to achieve all that we do today. In fact, without washing machines and dishwashers we wouldn’t even be able to wash our clothes or dishes. But this same convenience has made us extremely dependent. Before the rise of technology, we were programmed to find solutions and make the best of what we had. Being resourceful was common. Today, we stop all work and give up when there’s a power outage. We’ve lost the ability to find alternatives and blame our inefficiency on a stopped machine.

5. We Had Stronger Relationships

Without technology, it would have been impossible to chat face-to-face with our friends residing at the other end of the globe. We wouldn’t be able to watch our cute niece’s shenanigans from afar. Technology does make it easier to talk to anyone, anytime, and anyplace. But can technology replace the warmth of a personal touch? Does technology make our relationships stronger? I can argue that before technology, our bonds were stronger. We may still love our family and friends, but our connection may be weaker now that we communicate through screens.

Bottom Line

Thinking about life without technology is complicated. There are both pros and cons. The key lies in recognizing the benefits of technology, using them to our advantage and preventing harm to the already complicated roller coaster of life. For instance, apps can help us manage our finances or even save up for that dream vacation. Technology can disrupt the status quo in college financing and investing. In fact, it already has. I challenge you to ask yourself how you’re benefiting from the rapid rise of technology. But I also challenge you to ask yourself how you can retain some of the benefits of life before technology, such as contentment and stronger relationships. In doing so, you can gain the best of both worlds.



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